Playing the Game - GoldRing IB

GRIIA - Secret Covenant

GRIIB - Secret Covenant

GR3 Awakening

GR4A - Economic Enslavement

GR4B Economic Enslavement II

GR4C Freedom or Enslavement

GR5A Teachers of Light I

GR5A Teachers of Light II

GRVI - The Wayshowers I

GRVIB - Wayshowers II

GR8A - Initiator Invocation I

GR8B - Initiator Invocation I

GRIXA - Truth of the Wayshowers

GRIXB- Truth of the Wayshowers

GRX - Ascending & Descending

GRXB - Descending & Ascending

GRXI- Return to the Family of Light

GXII - Arcturian Alignment - All Videos

Arcturian Alignment II - Realms of Light
Arcturian Alignment IV - The Central Strand
Arcturian Alignment - GRXIIF - Clearing the Way
GRXIIIB -Acceptance of New Rays
GRXIVB - Divine Golden Keys II
GRXVB - Essence of Divine Mind
GRXVIA - Portal Guidance
GRXVIC - Special Instructions for Wayshowers

Return to the Beginning

GRXVII- Supreme Contrast - first video

GRVIII Grand Illumination-Andromedan Enlightenment

GRXIXA-Revealing The Way 1

GRXIXB Revealing The Way II

GRXIXD- Revealing the Way Phase III

GRXIX Revealing the Way - PhaseIV

The Lighted Pathway - Audio GoldRing XX

Higher Light Central Sun 2012 ET grXXI

Higher Light - physical evolution - gr- XXII

Higher Light fifth dimensional ascension gr XXIII

Arrival of the Wayshowers gr XXIV

Light of the Fifth Day GoldRing XXV-A

Light of the Fifth Day II - GoldRing XXV-B

The Light of the Seventh Day I - GoldRing XXVIA

Children of Light of the Seventh Day II - XXVIB

Andromedan Enlightenment II - GR XXVIII

Teachers of Light - Lift the Veil - Gold Ring Game XXIX

Creative Economics Game II GR30

Sirian Doorway - The Truth Walkers - GoldRing 31

Sirian Doorway - GoldRing 32 -

Gold Ring Game 33 - History and Solutions

Opening the Galactic Heart - GoldRing 34

Promise of Humanity -GR35B

Angelic Presence as Chaos Appears - Gold Ring 36

Galactic Gateway + Keepers of Life + GR37A

Galactic Gateway + Keepers of Life + GR37B

Teachers of Light & Keepers of Life GR38

Surrender to the White Light of Golden Love GR39

Beyond the Threshold - Gold Ring XXXX

Sacred Mountains of Ascension = Gold Ring XXXXI

Angels of the Golden Sun GoldRing 44A

Angels of the Golden Sun GoldRing 44B

Emergence of Higher Intelligence GoldRing 45

Multidimensional Universe - GoldRing 46A

Multi-Dimensional Awakening GR46B

Emergence of Light - GoldRing 47A

Returning Family of Light GoldRing 47B

Ascended Masters GR48

Dimensions Energies GR49A

Multidimensional Transformation GR49B

Multidimensional Creative Expansion GR49C

Multidimensional Breakthrough GR49D

Messages from Andromeda- gr50a

Messages from Andromdeda II GoldRing 50B

Acceleration of Consciousness - Gold Ring LIA

Acceleration of Consciousness - Gold Ring 51b

Galactic Golden Doorway - Goldring 52a

Keepers of the Flame - Gold Ring 52B

Awakening Multidimensional Codes - GR 52c

Unified Multidimensional Awareness GR52D;

Awakening the Emerald Heart - GR53A

Tribe of the Sacred Blue Fire - GR53B

Tribe of the Sacred Blue Fire - GR53C

Tribe of the Sacred Blue Fire - GR53D

Of Terra and Sol - GoldRing 54

Pillar of Light - GR55A

Pillar of Light II - GoldRing 55B

Bridge of Rainbow Light - GR58A

Rainbow Bridge of Light - GR58B

Children of Terra I - GoldRing 58A

Children of Terra II - GoldRing 58B

House of Light - GoldRing 59

Illuminated Crossing I - GoldRing 60A

  Illuminated Crossing II - GoldRing 60B

Illuminated Crossing III - GoldRing 60C

Crystal Soul Illumination - GoldRing 61A

Crystal Sword of Illumination - GoldRing 61B

Fifth Night of Indigo Revolution - Goldring 62

Galactic Uprising II - GoldRing 63b - hd
The Inner Light - GoldRing 65
Resonant Galactic Evolution - GR67
Creators of the Divine Gift - GR69
Dance of Creation - Death to Life - GR71
Higher Light Body Activation GR73
Eternal Blessings of Enlightenment - GR75
Harmonic Evolutionary Progression - GR77
Breath of Fire and Light - GR79
Stars in Darkness - GR81
Opening the Great Gate - GR83
Point of Galactic Oneness - GoldRing 86
Sacred Bodies of Light - GoldRing 87a
Infinite Rivers of Light - GoldRing 88
Alchemical Magic Waves of Love - GoldRive 90
Beyond the Chosen Illusion - GoldRing 92
Soul of Humanity Changing Worlds - GoldRing 94
Mirror of Timelessness-Into the Real-GoldRing 96
Awakening Codes for Wayshowers GoldRing 98
The Awakened Wayshowers - GoldRing 100
These Links are at  - also.  I just thought they might be a bit
easier to access here.  The presentation is intense and I am sure their High Quality CD's are
better but they do offer their content for free so check out their site and Enjoy their offerings.