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About Managing Everyday Life
It Doesn't Matter
It Doesn't Matter

Looking at all the information that is streaming into your brain right now -
when you pick it apart and try to find out what the hell is going on, what
it is that's happening to you.  What bits will you find to be important?  
Can anything out there, in this - in their reality, be important?  Can any
of the images or sounds that hit your psyche everyday day, day in and
day out, be all that important?  If so, which ones?  If not, then what is?

You are here, Now, in their reality.  Or so they would have you believe -
and with their reality comes caveats that you believe to be the rules of
nature and the laws of man - the right things to do.  For the most part
you try to cope with those concepts.  But what is their reality?  Is it just
here?  Is it 'what it is'?  And is that all there is?  What of it?   You work with
their concepts, you try to get along and move forward in their reality,
and you wonder;  where you should you go from here?  Where will you
go from here?
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