Good Health - even excellent health is not that complicated
of an issue when knowledge is applied.  Unfortunately it is
not profitable to industry for the public to know that they
have choices in the matter.

This is the link to the web page for Nutricide

What's in the Water you drink?
  • Tap Water  
  • Bottled water - I count myself fortunate because I have access
to Local bottled spring water in recyclable
bottles - Thanks to
Eldorado Springs Water.
One of the things that I learned as a young person was
that you are what you eat.  Of course at that time I could
have cared less food was easy it was frozen and put in
the microwave or bought at the fast food joint down the
street and Oh... was it not convenient that just past the
convenience store at the corner they were putting in
another fast food joint.

I was lucky I seem to have been relatively Immune to
the lack of truly nutritious food and vitamins and I came
along just fine not ill too often never anything serious
and pleasantly slim no matter what I ate.  I give thanks
my fortunes.  I just wonder what I could have
accomplished if I had been taught that the saying what
you are is what you eat goes so much deeper - down to
the cellular level.  and what life would have been like if I
had the access and guidence to truly watch what I ate.  
So was my immunity to JUNK food a blessing or another
veil that I could not see before my eyes.

The following is one of the first messages that I got
letting me know that what we eat may not be all that it
is cracked up to be. and that it will only get harder to
find in the future.


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